What We Do

Akston Wyatt helps to fund small businesses in the Central Florida area that are trying to become established and profitable. Our team and advisors have years of experience working in small business and can provide a variety of different services to help your company get over the hump.

What Type of Partnerships Do We Look For?

What do we look for in a partner?

Real passion.

First and foremost, we seek out entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do, and that carries over into their product and business.

Practical, yet unique.

We’re not set out to help you build the next social network. But, let’s say you’re opening a new food truck with a fresh take on Italian cuisine—then let’s chat.

Currently, we are looking to invest in the following industries:

  • Websites (Retail and Affiliate)
  • Consumer Products
  • Technology Business
  • Restaurant, Food and Beverage
  • Analytics

Who Can We Help and How?

We’re looking for partnerships that are meaningful, complementary, and drive a bottom line. What’s that look like?

  • Are you looking to accelerate, but need an edge to get to the next level?
  • Are you ready to bring your product to market?
  • Could your cash flow or financials use some support?
  • Do you want to better identify, target, and win over the market for your product?

Akston Wyatt Approach

Along with small business experience, we’re bringing a formula for growth to businesses around Florida.

Cash flow

We’ll ensure your company has the capital to maintain growth, reach your goals, and avoid bumps in the road.

Financial & business literacy

We’ll identify opportunities to dial in your processes and knock down hurdles that are keeping your company from accelerating.

Upward mobility

We’ll provide a system of support in core areas of your business to allow you to concentrate on your strengths as an entrepreneur and better grow your venture.